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About Us

My name is Sam, and about 13 years ago I fell in love with Savannahs. A lot has changed in since then, but I am now married and have a 7 year old son, and our Savannahs are truly a part of our family, and are looked after by us all.


We are hobby breeders of Savannahs, more importantly we are cat lovers!

Being ethical breeders we are council licenced (UK East Suffolk Council), have our Dangerous Wild Animal Licence, TICA registered and Savannah Cat Association registered breeders, conforming to the TICA voluntary code of ethics, and the Savannah Cat Association code of ethics.

We are committed to breeding healthy, well socialised cats  with big personalities, and I am

qualified with my Ofqual Level 3 in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare to further our level of care.

All of our cats socialise with each other and live with us and our other house cat (pepper the bengal) and border collie Gypsy.

Our cats have a huge outside secure area to play and explore in as well as the house.

Savannahs are simply amazing cats and make life long companion ship animals.

Phone: 07895434241


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