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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Savannahs Live?

On average 17-20 years

Can Savannahs Live with Children and Pets?

100% they can

See here for our full response:


How Big Do Savannahs Get?

This answer various between generations and gender. See here for our full answer:


Do we have a waiting list?

Yes we 100% do, however please register your interest here for one of our beautiful Kittens:


What do Savannahs Eat?

Savannah's can eat dry food, but we highly recommend a completely RAW diet with whole prey snacks provided. We provide full diet guidance to new kitten owners.

Can we visit your cats?

No our cats are not on exhibit to the public, only families who are having a kitten join their homes get to meet them as per our council licence.

How much do Savannahs Cost?

Price is dependant on the generation and whether the kitten is going to a Pet home or a Breeding Programme, but for an F3 or F1 kitten can be between £3250-£10,000

What do all the codes means?

What does SBT, F etc all mean?


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