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Our Cats


Mamude of SAAFCATS
F2 Breeding Queen

Normally called by her pet name Marmalade, she has all the traditional characteristics of a Savannah, from her serval large ears, and spotty silky coat, to her dog like personality.

She loves nothing more having a mountain of food followed by some play time and then those all important tummy tickles. 

Marmalade is fully harnessed trained and loves going out for walks around town

FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative


Maisha of SAAFCATS
F1 Breeding Queen

Normally called by her pet name May, she is simply stunning. Still only a kitteny at the minute, and being incredibly cheeky but absolutely beautiful. May has the most loving personality and will undoubtedly be the most amazing Mum when its her time.

FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative


Matumaini of SAAFCATS
SBT F6 Stud Boy - For Details of Stud Service CLICK HERE

Normally called by his pet  name Matu, he is the most affectionate soft natured boy you could wish for. With the most amazing characteristics and gorgeous personality he is our absolute prince.

Having sired over 12 litters he is very gentle with the ladies and shown himself to be a true gent. 

Matu is also fully harnessed trained and loves going out for walks around town.

FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative


Meeka - Camara Lena of SAAFCATS
F2 Breeding Queen

Meeka is our beautiful F2 Snow Queen. Joining us as an adult she is magnificent and has just had her first litter with us. She's so well natured and we are proud to have her :-)

FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative

F2 Breeding Queen

Mulan is our newest addition breath-taking F2 Queen.  Our olnly queen with a black nose - she has the softest fur and most loving personality to go with it. 

She has completely taken to our collie and they are best friends :-)

FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative


Muzzafer of SAAFCATS
SBT F6 Stud Boy


FeLV/FIV/PKd/PRA Negative - Muzz is so affectionate its untrue. He loves everyone and everything and just loves love. He is stunning and an amazing Savannah and we are proud to have him as part of our family.


Mozambique of SAAFCATS
F1 Breeding Queen


FeLV/FIV/PRA Negative - PKD n/k carrier - Mozzy has only recently joined us - she is beautiful and is starting to come out of her shell. She loves her food and is a stunning F1 and and is the most amazing mother to her babies.


Serval Breeding Queen

Mama is our newest fur baby, and we hope for her to be part of our future breeding journey when shes old enough.

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