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What is a Savannah?

A Savannah is a hybrid between a Serval and a domestic Cat, however now the breed is more established, it is usually a cross between a Serval and an existing Savannah.

Savannah Kittens come in several pattern variations:

  • Brown Spotted Tabby: A brown through to golden in background with black coloured spots.

  • Silver Spotted Tabby: A silver background with black to dark grey spotting

  • Brown Marbled Tabby: A black and brown blend of beautiful marble colours

  • Black Savannah: Otherwise known as a Melanistic. This pattern is shown when young, but looses it as it gets older and becomes a shiny black.

  • There are a few other variations known commonly as Snow Savannah, Snow Mink and Black Smoke Savannah.


How big is a Savannah?

Savannah's size can vary, based on their breeding pedigree, however early generation Savannah Cats may weigh 20 to 30 lbs, with the higher weight usually attributed to the F1 or F2 males. Later generation Savannah Cats are usually between 10 to 20 lbs. 


Savannahs and tall and lean people tend to guess they are heavier then you would expect, but if all you are interested in is owning a big cat, this is not the breed for you. There is so much more than just size to these magnificent cats and as responsible breeders we would not part with a cat unless we thought you were going to offer them the right type of home.


Can they Savannahs live with Children and Other Pets?

Savannahs that are well socialised can absolutely live with children and other animals.

However you must choose the right breeder to ensure your kitten has been socialised correctly from a young age.

All our kittens live with my Son (seen in the photos), and my Labrador William, along with my other Cat Pepper.

Always insist on seeing how the cats have been brought up to ensure they have been socialised correctly. We do a daily photos/videos with our kittens to show their forever homes exactly what they have been exposed to.

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